BCcampus Strategic Planning (2024–2027) Survey

Join us in shaping the future of BCcampus! We invite your input on our 2024–2027 Strategic Planning. Your responses will help ensure our work continues to be relevant to the B.C. post-secondary system.

This survey will take approximately 10–15 minutes to complete and is anonymous; your name and email address are not collected. The BCcampus Code of Conduct applies to surveys: 

For reference and context, here is the BCcampus mission and mandate (also see our website for more information).

Mission: BCcampus advances effective, inclusive, and accessible post-secondary teaching and learning practices to enhance students’ experiences in British Columbia.

Mandate: BCcampus drives innovation in teaching, learning, and open education in alignment with B.C.’s post-secondary system priorities. To fulfill its mandate, BCcampus:

  • leads projects and facilitates collaboration in teaching, learning, and open education that support post-secondary educators.
  • develops and delivers professional development for educators and curates, manages, and distributes collections of open educational resources.
  • collaborates with and is responsible to the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills, post-secondary institutions, and other system partners.

The following terms are used throughout the survey:

Open educational resources (OER): teaching, learning, and research resources that, through permissions granted by the copyright holder, allow others to use, distribute, keep, or make changes to them.

Educational technology: any technology that is used as part of the teaching and learning process. Examples include H5P, Hypothesis, learning management systems, WeBWork, Open Ed Tech Collaborative (OpenETC), etc.

Open pedagogy: the use of open educational resources to support learning, or the open sharing of teaching practices with a goal of improving education and training at the institutional, professional, and individual level. Also known as open educational practices or OEP.

Post-secondary institution (PSI): A post-secondary institution includes colleges, universities, and institutes. Available qualifications include Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates, and other post-secondary credentials.

In addition to this survey, we will be holding focus groups and interviews. If you would like to be part of that process, please contact survey@bccampus.ca.